Spend Analysis

“Study the past if you would define the future.”
- Confucius

Having a detailed insight into your organisation’s third party expenditure is essential to support an intelligent, strategic approach to best value procurement.

Quantum Spend Analysis from Inprova highlights a number of key areas in which significant savings can often be made, including:

Combine this with increased supplier visibility and you are strengthening your position when renegotiating with your supply chain.

To enable tactical and strategic cost management, planning, compliance and stronger negotiation, Inprova use Quantum Spend Analytics to transform your raw data into a cleansed and classified insight to organisational spending.

Inprova’s approach to data presentation combines easy to interrogate dashboards and an intuitive multi-level category structure. It is your roadmap to achieving best value and Value for Money and securing enhanced supplier relationships and improvements at every stage of the procurement lifecycle.